The Sioson Collection

Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University


The Sioson Collection is a library located in Carver Hall 409 (the Reading Room). It consists of books generously donated by former members of the department. It is named after its contributor, Federico M. Sioson, who was a professor in the department from 1968 to 1969.

For any questions about the library, please contact Jonas Hartwig.

How to borrow books

Anyone with a 400 key may borrow books from the library. There is no formal check out system. We ask that you be considerate of other users and return the books when no longer needed. Please reshelf the books according to the number on the spine. Alphabetic order within a subject area is not maintained.

How to donate books

Send an email to to make arrangements. Please do not simply place new books on the shelves. We want to make sure the books are inventoried and labeled properly before being shelved.

Browse the collection

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