Author Title MSC2020 Area
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Raikov, Gelfand Commutative Normed Rings47 Operator theory
Rainich, G.Y.Mathematics of Relativity53 Differential geometry
Rainville, EarlThe Laplace Transform44 Integral transforms
Rainville, EarlElementary Differential Equations34 Ordinary differential equations
Rainville, EarlSpecial Functions33 Special functions
Ramanathan, K.G Lectures on The Algebraic Theory Of Fields12 Field theory and polynomials
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Ranaudo, FredericoAwakening of Reason01 History and biography
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Read, R.C.Proceedings of the Second Caribbean Conference in Combinatorics and Computing05 Combinatorics
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Reed, MichaelAbstract Non-linear Wave Equations35 Partial differential equations
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Reidemeister, Kurt Kombinatorische Topolgy55 Algebraic topology
Reidemeister, K.Knotentheorie55 Algebraic topology
Reidemeister, K.Topologie der Polyeder52 Convex and discrete geometry
Rellich, FranzPerturbation Theory of Eigenvalue Problems47 Operator theory
Ren Chao, YuenLanguage and Symbolic Systems02 (03) Mathematical logic and foundations
Renardy, MichaelMathematical Problems in Viscoelasticity45 Integral equations
Reneke, James Structures Hereditary Systems93 Systems theory; control
Rham, GeorgesVarietes Differentiables57 Manifolds and cell complexes
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Ribenboim, PauloMy Numbers, My Friends: Popular Lectures on Number Theory11 Number theory
Ribenboim, PauloTheorie Des Valuations13 Commutative algebra
Ribenboim, Paulo13 Lectures on Fermat's Last Theorem11 Number theory
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Richardson, C. H.An Introduction to the Calculus of Finite Differences39 Difference equations
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Roberts, SiobhanGenius at Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway01 History and biography
Robertson, A.P.Topological Vector Spaces46 Functional analysis
Robertson, A.P.Topological Vector Spaces46 Functional analysis
Robertson, A.P. Topological Vector Spaces46 Functional analysis
Robertson, JackCake-Cutting Algorithms05 Combinatorics
Robin, LouisFonctions Spheriques De Legendre33 Special functions
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Robinson, G.The Foundations of Geometry 50 (51) Geometry
Robinson, AbrahamNonstandard Analysis03 Mathematical logic and foundations
Robinson, EleanorThe Oxford Handbook of the History of Mathematics01 History and biography
Robinson, AbrahamTheorie Metamathematique des Ideaux03 Mathematical logic and foundations
Rockafellar, R.T.Network Flows and Monotropic Optimization90 Operations research, mathematical programming
Rockafellar, R.T.Networks Flows and Monotropic Optimization90 Operations research, mathematical programming
Rolfsen, DaleKnots and Links57 Manifolds and cell complexes
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Rosenfeld, AzrielAn Introduction to Algebraic Structures08 General algebraic systems
Rosenhouse, JasonThe Monty Hall Problem: The Remarkable Story of Maths Most Contentious Brain Teaser00 General and overarching topics; collections
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Ross, Sheldon M.Stochastic Processes60 Probability theory and stochastic processes
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Rothbart, AndreaThe Theory of Remainders11 Number theory
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Rudin, Walter Functional Analysis46 Functional analysis
Rudin, Mary EllenLectures on Set Theoretic Topology54 General topology
Rudin, MaryLectures on Set Theoretic Topology54 General topology
Russell, BertrandIntroduction to Mathematical Philosophy03 Mathematical logic and foundations
Ryser, HerbertCombinatorial Mathematics05 Combinatorics