Date Speaker Title Links
04/28/17 Adnan Abdulwahid (ISU) Nakayama Functor and Quiver Representations Abstract
04/07/17 Miodrag Iovanov (UI) On Incidence Algebras and their Representations Abstract
03/24/17 JH Tensor products of representations
03/10/17 JH Weight modules over noncommutative Kleinian fiber products Notes Paper1 Paper2
03/03/17 JH Unitarizable representations Notes
02/24/17 Ben Sheller (ISU) Lie group actions and stratified spaces Notes
02/10/17 JH Gelfand-Tsetlin Bases Notes
02/03/17 JH Parabolic induction Fernando
01/27/17 JH Simple weight modules over Lie algebras Mathieu
01/20/17 Mark Hunacek (ISU) Modular Lie algebras Benkart Rumynin
12/02/16 Animesh Biswas (ISU) The Heisenberg group and its representations
11/18/16 Tathagata Basak (ISU) Reflection groups II
11/11/16 Tathagata Basak (ISU) Reflection groups I Notes
11/04/16 JH What about \(E_9\)? Kac-Moody algebras. Notes
10/31/16 JH [Comb/Alg Sem] Lie superalgebras and super-differential operators II
10/24/16 JH [Comb/Alg Sem] Lie superalgebras and super-differential operators I Notes Kac Serganova
10/21/16 JH Classification of simple Lie algebras Notes
10/14/16 JH Root space decomposition for \(\mathfrak{sl}(3)\)
09/30/16 JH Lie algebras and homomorphisms;
Examples; Classification problem